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Display Operating

The User Interface for the coriolis mass flow meter is via the flowmeter’s display and is performed via three optical buttons below the display. User interraction doesn’t require opening the front cover of the transmitter, which is important in an explosive environment, in conditions of high humidity or precipitations, and other conditions with a high probability of contamination of the internal structural elements of transmitter or ingress of moisture, liquids, foreign objects, etc.

To “push” the optical button one should briefly put a finger or other opaque object close to the display glass in the area of ​​the button. At that time the OLED next to the display lights for  a moment. The Coriolis mass flow controller will display the measured parameters ​​shown in Table 2.6. To change the display page (next page of parameters), press the button. Display sequence corresponds to Table 2.6.

Table 2.6 – Displayed parameters order

Displayed parameter Display format
Mass flow rate
Mass total
Flow    XXX.XXX
Mass   XXX.XXX
Volume flow rate
Volume total
Flow    XXX.XXX
Volm   XXX.XXX
Den     XXX.XXX
Temp   XX.X


Brix  °Bx

Volm    XXX.XXX

If the displayed value is more than 999.999, the units will automatically switch to the appropriate units to be able to display the proper value.

If no button is pressed within two minutes, coriolis mass flow controller automatically switches to display mass or volume flow rate (Menu items 1 or 2), depending on the state of the menu item 47 “First Menu”.

The coriolis mass flow meter can be configured via the  display interface. The structure of the menu is shown in Figure 2.14, description of the menu items presented in Table 2.7.

In the editable menu items press «Е» button to switch to edit mode.

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