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Installation with Explosion Protection

Installation of coriolis mass flow controllers in explosive environment must be performed in accordance with requirements of:


During installation you must pay attention to the specific operating conditions mentioned in Section 1.5 “Explosion protection”.

Before installation the coriolis gas flow meter should be inspected. You must pay special attention to explosion proof grade labels, warning labels, make sure that there is no damage to the flameproof shell and flow sensor. Also make sure that grounding terminal and the seals for cables and covers are available and in good condition, also check the connecting cables condition.

Upon completion of the electrical installation the electrical resistance of the ground line should be checked. This value must not exceed 1 Ohm. A copper wire with section of  at least 2.5 mm2 (AWG13) should be used for grounding.

Unused cable entry must be closed with the end cap supplied by the coriolis mass flow meter’s manufacturer or other end cap complied with GOST R 51330.1;

During installation, check the explosion-proof surfaces of mounting parts involved in providing explosion protection. Scratches, dents, chips on the explosion-proof surfaces of those parts (which are in the explosion path), are not permitted.

After the completion of the electrical connections it is necessary to close the transmitter covers firmly and engage the screw latch lock on the covers.

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