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Dave Korpi, was one of the founding partners and the Senior Vice President of Sierra Instruments Inc. that was recently acquired by the TASI Group. At Sierra, Dave devoted over 25 years developing the latest technology and highest quality thermal mass flow meters, and support systems in the market. He holds over 10 patents, and patents pending, for the novel technology such as that utilized by Sierra Instruments, including Novel Mass Flow Meter Sensors, Thermal Mass Flow Meter Temperature Compensation Methods, Primary Standard Calibration Systems, The first low cost Injection Mass Flow Meter, Real-Time Inertial Micro-Balance systems and more.

Dave was the lead engineer and in charge of the development of all flowmeters. Dave is the cliche “brilliant eccentric inventor” who made a hobby of voraciously reading every technical journal related to flow meters and MatLab code pertaining to solutions of Navier Stokes partial differential equations. Dave worked with John Olin. John, is another quintessential scientist who is able to derive the governing equations for a thermal mass flow sensor system on command and (in his spare time) works on models to calculate the local weather patterns using the Navier Stokes relationships. Dave and John Olin spent years fully immersed in the math and science behind modeling thermal mass flow systems, using MathCad, LabVIEW, and embedded systems for various configurations of Thermal Mass Flow Meters. This work led to filing, and being awarded, a patent on a near ideal sensor for a family of thermal mass flow meters utilizing a platinum sheath to minimize end losses.

After leaving Sierra, Dave took his obsession with flow meters to the next level. Dave realized that all existing flow meters suffer calibration problems, but more importantly, the companies that build these meters are large and inefficient.

Dave realized that if he added the latest microchip technology into flow meters, he could significantly decrease the price of flow meters. Chris realized that by creating an infrastructure specifically set up to market just a handful of flowmeters, he could add significant cost savings,and bring the price down even further.

Dave and Chris realized that if they went fully virtual, they could significantly save marketing and logistical costs, passing those savings on to clients. It wasn’t long until was born – with the mission of providing industrial grade flow meters and prices that beat out competition.



Dave & Chris

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