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Coriolis Mass Flow Meters from 3/8" to 10"


Select ANSI Flange or TriClover Sanitary Fittings (1/2 to 4 Only) Select ANSI or TriClover. Prices are derived from ANSI Flanges. (Only for 1/2" to 4" sizes)
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Coriolis flow meters, also known as Coriolis mass flow controllers, are precision instruments engineered to measure the flow rate of liquids, slurries, and oils with exceptional accuracy. Our company provides unique flow meters, tailored to your specific needs, and readily available from stock, typically shipped within 48 hours of purchase.

A revolutionary technology, the Coriolis flow meter comprises a specially designed tube that is activated by a constant vibration. As a fluid (whether it be a gas or liquid) travels through the tube, its mass flow momentum triggers a modification in the tube vibration, causing the tube to contort and consequently leading to a phase shift. The degree of this phase shift can be accurately detected, and from it, a linear output can be extrapolated, which is directly proportional to the fluid flow rate.

Looking for a simple and efficient solution to measure mass flow rates? Our CORIOLIS Mass Flow Meters are here to deliver unparalleled accuracy and ease of use. Not only do we have them in stock, but we offer them at unbeatable prices that set us apart from the competition.


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