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Grounding Ring SET for MAG Meters


Grounding Ring Set

These are made out of 0.090- 0.13 thick 316 or 304 Stainless Steel and are ONLY required when using a MAG Meter in a system with Non Conductive pipes, such as PVC, ABS, CPVC and the like.

The size of the grounding rings should always match the meter size for installation with inline meters. Standard grounding rings are for use with ANSI Class 150 flanges. If you have a 1″  ANSI Flange Tactical Flow Meter you will order the 1″ Grounding ring set.

Grounding rings can significantly reduces electrical noise and may be necessary for proper operation of electromagnetic flow meters installed in lined or non-conductive pipes… READ MORE

They provide a means to create the “Ground Potential” necessary to give the Mag meter a “Ground Reference” to base the electromagnetic potential to create the condition required to measure the current created by the electrically conductive fluid to be measured by virtue of creating the current that is created when the fluid moves through the magnetic field. This current is PROPORTIONAL to the fluid velocity. With the velocity and the known Inner diameter of the MAG meter the flow mate is calculated.
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