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1/2" to 12" MAG Flow Meter


Meter Size
Pipe Connection ANSI or TriClover

MAG Flow Meters at the prices of High-End Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meters and feature accuracies of 0.5% of READING.

Amazing Sensitivity for conductivity requiring a minimum of 5 micro Siemens/cm (compared to more than 20 micro Siemens/cm required for competitors)… READ MORE

Electromagnetic flow meters, (aka mag meters or magnetic meters), are volumetric flow meters which do not have any moving parts. This lack of moving parts reduces the need for maintenance or replacement. Our mag flow meters have an accuracy over a wide flow range that can often exceed ± 0.5% of flow rate.Our MAG flow meters are ideal for liquids. They ship from stock and are configured for you. In-stock and at prices that beats our competition.

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