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How the Thermal Mass Flow Meter Works and Technology

The video below shows how the Tactical Flow Meter works and what advantages it has over conventional Thermal Mass Flow meters, such as the Sierra Instruments Model 840 or Sierra Instruments Model 830 series Thermal Mass Flow Meters that I worked with John, Dick, and James that we designed over 25 years ago.

The cutting-edge Tactical Flow Meter is equipped with a fail-safe datalog storage system that sets it apart from traditional “SD Card” file storage and management systems. Its advanced features ensure unparalleled performance and reliability in the field.

Although our data storage system and a typical “SD Card” storage system both use flash storage technology, our approach is unique. Our system utilizes a pointer system to concatenate each event or data at the end of the file, with the pointers stored in EEPROM and the data stored sequentially after the last event. This allows for efficient and organized storage of data, setting us apart from other storage solutions on the market.

In a conventional “SD Card” system, a power outage during a storage event can result in the complete loss of the entire file. However, in our storage system, even if a power outage occurs while writing an event, the worst-case scenario would be the corruption of a single event at most, ensuring data integrity and reducing the risk of catastrophic data loss.

Compared to an SD Card, which has a higher risk of losing entire files due to corruption or damage, the Tactical Flow Meter’s datalog storage system is designed to minimize data loss, allowing for the retrieval of individual events even in challenging conditions.

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