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Delivery Set

The standard flow meter and accessories for the coriolis mass flow meter are shown in Figures 1.6, 1.7 and in Tables 1.12, 1.13.

Figure 1.6 – Base delivery set

Item № Description Base delivery set Special order
1a, 16 Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
TFM 1001-series
Cable length
2 User manual
3 Calibration report
4 Packing box
5 Inspection report


Figure 1.7 Accessories

Table 1.13 – Accessories

Item № Description
1 Connection kit (flanges, gaskets, stud bolts, nuts, washers)
2 Coriolis mass flow meter replacement mounting spool



Upon receipt of the coriolis mass flow controller it is necessary to:

●        Check the packaging box for damage;

●        Make sure that delivery set is complete;

●        Make sure the coriolis mass flow controller model matches the order data.

If the package is damaged, delivery set or coriolis flow meter model doesn’t match the order notify the factory immediately.

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