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Pulse Output

Pulse output signal is a periodical pulse signal where the frequency is proportional to the measured value of the mass flow rate using the damping time specified in the menu 49.

The pulse output can be configured to indicate mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate or density of the medium. Pulse output is active.

The total number of pulses generated on the pulse output corresponds to the mass or volume of the fluid passing through the coriolis mass flow meter since the  start of the measurement.

Maximum frequency (fmax) of the pulse output signal calculated as

fmax = Qmax / (3.6*m), Hz

where Qmax – upper limit of the full mass flow range, kg/h;

m – pulse weight, g/pulse.

Pulse output signal frequency range is 0…10000 Hz. Maximum frequency is 12000 Hz.

The amplitude of the pulse output signal is 13 V.

Default pulse weight is presented in Table 1.4.

Table 1.4 – Default pulse weight

Size in inch(mm) 3/8(10) 1/2(15) 1(25) 1 1/2(40) 2(50) 3(80) 4(100) 6(150) 8(200)
Pulse weight, g/pulse 0.05 0.1 0.4 2 4 8 10 20 40
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