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Technical Parameters Overview

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters – Technical parameters overview

Brief description of the technical specifications of the coriolis mass flowmeter is presented in Table 1.1.

Table 1.1 – Technical specifications

Parameter Value
Size 1/8 inch-12 inch
Accuracy 0.05%;±0.1%; ±0.2%; ±0.5%
Process pressure 227 PSI Std (1.5 MPa) Up to 25 Mpа`(special order)
Medium temperature -50…+350 ºС (special order)
Explosion proof grade (modification TFM 1001-Ex) UL and CSA: Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C and D GOST:1Exd[ib]IICT6X             1ExibIIC(T1-T4)X
Atmospheric pressure 84.0…106.7 kPa
Environment temperature -40…+55 ºС or -50…+70 ºС (special order)
Relative humidity, % 90 ± 3 % (non-condensing, at 25 ºC)
Resistance to the external magnetic field Up to 40 A/m, 50 Hz
Enclosure protection IP65; IP67
Recalibration period 4 years
Temperature sensor Pt100
Service life not less than 12 years
Outline dimensions See Appendix A
Materials used Sensor – stainless steel; Transmitter – aluminum alloy.


  1. Special characteristics can be provided on special orders.
  2. OLED display Temperature range is -40…+70 ºC.
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