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The coriolis mass flow meter can be installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined sections of the pipeline. It is optimal to install the coriolis mass flow meter in horizontal section.

The coriolis mass flowmeter should be installed so that its measuring tubes are always filled with fluid and the arrow on the sensor body coincides with the flow direction. In these conditions, the coriolis mass flow meter will operate properly in any orientation.

The Flowmeter does not require collateral straight pipeline sections before and after the coriolis flow meter, or installation of additional equipment to condition the flow profile (flow conditioning plates, etc.). However, if two or more coriolis mass flow controllers are installed in the same section of the pipeline, the distance between them should be at least  80” (2 m.)

Installation recommendations are presented in Figure 2.2.

Figure 2.2 Recommendations for installation of coriolis mass flow controller

Flow direction arrow

The sensor has a flow direction arrow (on the sensor ) to locate the transmitter for proper flow direction. Install the sensor so that the flow direction arrow matches the process flow.

Vertical pipeline

If the sensor is installed in a vertical pipeline, liquids and slurries should flow upward through the sensor. Gases may flow upward or downward.


Pic # Recommendations
1 We recommended installing the coriolis flow controller tubes downward to allow filling with fluid and to prevent accumulation of gas.
2 For vertical or inclined pipeline orientation it is recommended to install the coriolis flow controller in a pipeline section with the upward flow direction to improve filling the meter  with fluid.

Table 2.2 – Notes for Figure 2.2

For bent pipes you must install the coriolis gas flow meter in the lower section of the pipeline.

Do not install the coriolis gas flow meter on a horizontal plane because the coriolis mass flow meter’s tubes will not be filled with liquid.

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