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Pipeline Preparation

To prepare for the installation of the coriolis mass flow meter, it is necessary:

Linst = Lm + 2*Lg + 2*Lf,        (2.1)

where Lm – coriolis mass flow controller length (see Appendix );

            Lg – gasket thickness;

            Lf – connection kit flange thickness minus thickness of flanges on the pipeline;

In the process of installation the coriolis gas flow meter may be used instead of the replacement mounting part only in the following cases:

–       installation is carried out using gas welding;

–       when installing using arc welding,the power source must connected in a way that prevents the welding current to run through the coriolis gas flow meter – see Figure 2.3.




Figure 2.3 Connecting the power source for arc welding using the coriolis mass flow meter

As a result, the installation location must be as shown in Figure 2.4, where the length L is the sum of the length of the coriolis mass flow meter and thickness of the two gaskets.

When using filters or gas separators, the length L should be sufficient for their installation.
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