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Model Selection Recommendations

One of the most important conditions for reliable operation of the coriolis flow meter to obtain reliable measurement results is communicating the process parameters. The list of the process parameters required for optimal coriolis flow controller modification selection is presented in Table 2.1.

Table 2.1 – Process parameters for modification selection

Item No Process parameter
1 Measured medium name:
2 Composition and percentage of liquid components:
3 Composition and percentage of solid impurities in fluid:
4 Composition and percentage of gas inclusions in fluid:
5 Measured medium density:
6 Measured medium viscosity:
7 Flow range:
8 Required accuracy:
9 Process temperature:
10 Process pressure:
11 Allowable pressure drop:
12 Presence of regulators and control components/valves in the system:
13 Process connection size:
14 Pipeline orientation at the installation location:
15 Ambient temperature:
16 Explosion protection grade and requirements:


Do NOT order HART if you simply need it for CONFIGURATION. Every variable is easily modified using the display interface.


Coriolis mass flow controller size should be selected according to the actual flow rates in the pipeline, which may differ from the calculated (design) values. Coriolis mass flow controller size should be selected so that the actual flow rate of the medium was in the second third of the flow range. Therefore, nominal diameter of the coriolis flow controller can be either equal or less than the nominal diameter of the pipeline.

Mismatched pipeline diameters to the nominal diameter of the coriolis flow controller are best addressed with tapered transitions. These can be procured independently, to ensure minimum loss of pressure, the central cone angle must not exceed 30 º.

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