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Safety Precautions

Installation, operation, maintenance of coriolis gas flow meters should be performed by persons who have studied this manual and fully inderstand safety instructions for working with electrical devices.

All operations during calibration and use of the coriolis gas flow meters must comply with the requirements for protection against static electricity.

Installation of the coriolis mass flow meter in the pipeline and its removal from the pipeline should be performed without pressure in the pipeline and with the power supply switched off. Electrical connections should also be performed ​​only when the power supply is switched off.

During the installation, commissioning and maintenance the following are prohibited:

During installation the hazardous factors are:

Operation and installation of coriolis mass flow controllers with “Ex” option must be performed in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 7.3 of the “Electrical Installations Code” and other regulations regarding the usie of electrical equipment in an explosive environment.


Installation and operation of the coriolis mass flow controller in conditions of pressure or temperature exceeding their maximum allowable values is prohibited.

Do not use the coriolis flow controller with the electronics cover opened, or  without the chassis grounding.


To prevent leakage of the gas filling the sensor’s outer shell, do not open the electronics cover 1.

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