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Transient electrical signals induced by lightning, welding, large power-consuming equipment or switches may lead to distortion of the coriolis mass flow controller’s measuring or damage it. For protection from transient processes one must provide a connection of the ground terminals located on the transmitter body (see Figure 2.13), with the ground through a wire, designed for operation under high currents.

For grounding, it is required to use copper wire of at least 2.5 mm2 (AWG13) section. Ground wires should be as short as possible and have a resistance of less than 1 Ohm.

Transmitter must be grounded through the pipeline, unless the pipeline provides a proper NEC compliant ground. Note many pipelines are “hot” so check the voltage levels to a known earth ground.


There should be no potential applied or induced on the ground wire.

Do not use the same wire for grounding of two or more devices.

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